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Just a quick update.

First of all if you have an instagram follow me @missericajones. All of my new art is posted there.

I am now a small business owner, I am the creator and owner of The tattooed mermaid bowtiuqe. You can find me on storenvy by the same name. I make & sell bows for spooky girls.

I am revamping some of my old art so if you want go check it out!

If you want to talk to me about commissions, using my art, or just want to chat note me! :)

Hope to hear from you guys soon!
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$25 portraits and $15 comissions till the end of the year!! Select prints are $7. If you spend $20 or more ill send a gift. All of this money goes to starting my own etsy! So please help!!!

Interested message me or email me!!!
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Im taking orders for $25 portrite commissions. All the money will go to the start of my very own etsy! So please help meh out!  

$25 includes shipping in the Us, out side of the US will cost a few dollars more for shipping.  
I can take paypal or money order.

If you want or want to see example email me at
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Im so happy its not even funny! 'happydance'

Anyways, gosh it feels so good to be back yall! Ive missed all of you :D Iv super duper duper missed some of you that have been here forever (you know who you are :D) and WELCOME NEW PEOPLE!

So now that Im back up and running Im going to be super ontop of any comments and faving so leave them :D and Im going to start selling my prints to save up money for an etsy shop!!! So I need the support from all of you so tell your friends! Im gunna update everything soon so look for new commission info and such :D Also looking for calibration if anyone wants to do that. :D

So I hope all of you are doing fab and I hope you enjoy all the new art coming your way :D
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If you order any commissions before October 31st they will only be $25.00.
That includes online print and ill send you a print also. Shipping included. And also if you order before halloween you will get a free gift! So order asap! You can note me here or my email
Me and my husband are trying to get some extra money together so I thought I would start selling prints. Like $5 5x7s of select prints. Also I may make buttons and hair bows to sell. I have also thought about opening an etsy shop.

So my question is which drawings would yall like to see as prints? All of my new drawings will be prints but id like to know which old ones yall would be interested to own.

Also you can  email me at and you can follow me on instagram missericajones
Hello darlings, im not sure how many more of u there are left. :( I know iv been away far too Long and i hope the wait is over. We are going to aim to get internet by the end of this month so stay with me lol. By then i should have tons to upload. Mostly traditional but new none the less. Im actually on my cell phone right now so sorry for crazy spelling and what not. Ive been thimking of all of u here lately and I've decided once i get back up and runnen all my lil deviant followers will be getting a discount. Ill do $5 prints possibly 5x7 or something. How does that sound??? Oh how ive missed u guys.

If you want to commission, ask a question or just chat it up my email is Id love to hear from yall

Hugs & kisses &all my love

Miss Erica :)
Still no internet at our house so no new updates sorry guys. I see that my art has become a bit more popular but noone wants to pay me for it yet lol. Right now im working on my water color paintings. It brings me joy and passes time. Im working right now on a huge one! Im super excited to share with yall when I have finally finished it. Its going to be amazing! Anyway if you need to get in touch with me my email is
So Im sure some of you are wondering, where the hell have you been? Well let me tell you...

I moved in with my boyfriend :)

Yep we have been together a year now and have decided we are ready to live together and it has been great!

So the only issue is that I don't have internet. It blows hard but not much I can do about it. I really need a job so I can pay for it myself because we have about a billion other bills that need to be payed first so its not on the top of the list at the moment.

I am still creating art just can't do anything digital. I may take a few pictures of the new stuff and post it the next time I visit my family.

So I just thought I would share with everyone that I haven't just fallen off the earth just yet, Im just in hiding. lol
I am going to start selling custom watercolor paintings here soon.

They will be 45$ each if anyone is interested. I will also be selling over paintings on another website soon.

Also if you need more info about any type of commission let me know on here or at facebook >…
So I have decided that I am going to create a Cynthia and Sir Edwin comic. Just one for now and if it goes well I will maybe do more. Im working on it now and I will release the pages one by one. Each page with have at least 2 or 3 drawing on it. The first will be short but I hope you guys like it! :D
I'm graduating soon and I just can't seem to find any jobs or any work for that matter.

I'm in desperate need of money so I have been thinking about selling some paintings or even digital work, But I don't know why I am posting this because no one on here is willing to pay for anything they can just print out on their computer. :(

I may have to give up art for a while until I'm able to find work.

Sorry guys.
So as some of you may know from my face book is that I am working on my Senior Project. That is where I pick a topic and do a huge presentation of it. I picked Illustration. So I am taking a few Childhood stories and putting my own spin on them.

I am doing The little mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, The frog prince, and Rapunzel.

I am either doing a page or a cover art for each. I will post all of the finished work and maybe even the WIPS after I finish the project.

I just finished The little mermaid so its off to Wonderland. This next one is my favorite drawing I have done the whole time! I absolutely love it! I may even hang it up in my room :)
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Hibiscus tea with honey.
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To bring the blog back or to not bring the blog back, that is the question my brain is suffering through right now.

So I leave it to you guys.

If I bring back the blog it will be updated often I promise. I will try and post questions and fun stuff for you guy to do or something like that, but I have to know that yall will participate.

So if I decide to bring it back I will post an about me blog, just so we can get to know each other ;) I will post 10 facts about me and then I will answer questions that yall ask.

Post your questions here, I don't care how many questions you post I will pic at least 5 to answer, they can be about anything and I will answer then honestly. :)
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So found out yesterday I have I am feeling pretty awful. Ive been feeling sick for the past few weeks but here as of late it has been super bad.
Im sorry about not posting much anymore Ive just been busy and I can't really seem to find much inspiration right now.

Well Ive come here to ask and see if anyone has any suggestions on what I should draw more of?
Do you want more fan art?
More Victorian style stuff?
More fairies?
Or do you want to see something new?

Please leave a comment and tell me!!!
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  • Reading: Interview with the vampire
  • Watching: (just finished) Repo!
  • Playing: myself ;P
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Alright. First off I would like to apologize for the lack of me here as of late. There is good reason for this but Im sure you wouldn't be interested.

On to what I am here for. Well you see Im a senior in high school and we have this project at the end of the year call the senior project (how clever lol) Anyway each person from the graduating class has to create a project that has to do with something they are interested in.

Sure this project sounds pretty awesome..well its not. Its a bitch ton of work and you have to present to a panel of judges to get your grade. We are starting to get paperwork now so I have not alot of time to figure out what I want to do.

I have been tossing about ideas and I think I finally found what Im going to do, a children's book illustrator. Im going to create a children's book as my product. I will make a power point showing how I developed the characters and the steps I went through to create the final product. Also I will have two hard copies of the book.

The only issue I have is what is the story going to be about?!?!? Should I take a faerie tail and just illustrate it or should I come up with my own story line?

I need ideas and I would love it if you guys would help me out! It would be greatly appreciated!

Right here! Go WATCH PLEASE!!!!

If you liked my Emilie Autumn digital painting and you would like to see more then watch me there. Right this very secound Im working on my next digital painting of Miss Argentina from BeetleJucie! So go now and watch!!!
Hello my darlings how have you been?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/ Holiday! I know I did. :D

I got a brand new Graphic Tablet and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life lol.

Anyways since I have said new tablet I am going to be selling my old one soon. I may post it on ebay or something. I will be selling it for 85.00 + shipping. So if your interested please let me know!!

Oh and also I am going to be making a second account soon. Now that doesn't mean I wont be updating here, Ill just post my little girls on here and post my other art on the second like my digital paintings and such.

Ill post more info about that soon too. :D

Hope everyone has a wonderful monday.
And Happy Holidays!

Well I hope everyone is having a great start to their Christmas eve, I know I am. Boyfriend fell asleep on me (like most of you he is normal and needs that crazy thing call sleep lol) Im about to start curling some of my crazy hair to prepare it for the madness that is to come later today and Im singing along to my Opheliac CD. :D

....Ummm I guess I should explain why I haven't posted ANY thing but an art trade for the month of December...well Ive been rather busy. Finals then a random vacation to Savannah Ga with my rents. Some neat pictures coming soon here > :iconreekas-momma: on my mommy's page. :D

I hope to have some new stuff before the new year and have the rest of my art trades done!!!!!

Well my little bunnies I will talk to you all later :D

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday celebration. Sending all my love and good energy to all of you <3